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Newcastle Museum

About Newcastle Museum

Since its founding in 1988, the Newcastle Museum has been a beloved cultural institution. Formerly housed in the historic Castlemaine Brewery building, it has since moved to its impressive present-day location. Situated in the Great Northern Railway headquarters, the museum’s home includes the incredible Honeysuckle Point Railway Workshops, a heritage-listed site that offers unparalleled insights into the region’s rich past. Come explore Newcastle’s history and immerse yourself in its fascinating stories at the world-class Newcastle Museum.

Discover the dynamic and inviting hub of Newcastle at the Newcastle Museum! Opened to the community on August 4, 2011, and located in the beautifully restored Honeysuckle Railway workshops, our museum offers an immersive exploration of Newcastle’s rich past and present. More than a simple update of its predecessor, the Newcastle Regional Museum, which opened in 1988 as a Bicentennial celebration, our reinvigorated and contemporary museum boasts exciting new exhibitions and experiences in a space designed for accessibility, sustainability, and service excellence. Come explore and connect with your community at the Newcastle Museum!


What to do at Newcastle Museum

Discover Newcastle’s rich history at the Newcastle Museum! Explore the permanent exhibitions, including “A Newcastle Story” showcasing early Aboriginal life and the city’s fascinating past. Learn about “Fire and Earth” and the area’s coal mining and BHP steel production. Plus, get hands-on with science at the “Supernova & Mininova” exhibit. Exciting exhibits and interactive learning await at the Newcastle Museum.

Discover the fascinating story of Newcastle at the city’s own museum. Initially proposed by a group that included the Institution of Engineers and Supernova Inc., the museum was set to be located in the Honeysuckle Railway Workshops. However, a change of plans led to the restoration of the historic Castlemaine Brewery on Hunter Street. From 1988 until 2008, it served as the city’s museum until it closed to make way for the new facility in Honeysuckle. Experience the rich history and unique culture of Newcastle at its own dedicated museum.

Museum- Newcastle

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