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scrubbing mould with a scouring pad and chemicals

Are you concerned about mould in your home and the potential health risks?
Mould can cause various health problems, from mild allergic reactions to serious respiratory illnesses. That’s why cleaning any mould as soon as you notice it is essential.
Our team of experienced professionals will quickly and safely remove all the mould from your home, so you can rest easy knowing your family is safe and healthy. We also offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all our services, so you can be sure you’re making the best decision for your home.
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    What is mould, and why should it be cleaned up immediately?

    Mould is a type of fungi that can grow indoors and outdoors. Mould spores are found in the air, and when they land on a wet or damp surface, they can start to grow. Mould needs four things to grow: moisture, warmth, food and oxygen. That’s why it’s often found in bathrooms and kitchens, where there is more moisture.
    The cleaning process begins with a thorough inspection of your home to identify all the areas where mould is present. We then develop a customised plan to clean and treat each area, considering the type of mould and the extent of the contamination.
    Our team will work quickly and efficiently to remove all traces of mould from your home using high-powered vacuums, air scrubbers, and HEPA filters. We also use eco-friendly cleaning products to protect your family from harmful chemicals.
    Once the mould has been removed, we will take steps to prevent it from coming back by fixing any moisture problems in your home. We can also advise how to keep your home free from mould in the future.

    How can you tell if there is mould in your home?

    There are various signs to watch out for, especially if you have asthma or are particularly sensitive to mould. These can include:
    1) a musty or damp smell
    2) black, white, green or brown patches on walls, ceilings, floors or furniture
    3) peeling paint or wallpaper
    4) condensation on windows
    If you notice any of these signs in your home, act quickly and contact Mould Removal Newcastle Experts.

    Why it's crucial to have mould removed by professionals

    Mould can be dangerous as it can cause several respiratory problems, particularly in young children, the elderly and those with existing medical conditions. It can also trigger asthma attacks and aggravate other respiratory conditions.
    If you suspect that there is mould in your home, get it checked out by a professional to prevent health complications. A professional mould cleaning expert will do the job correctly.

    The cost of professional mould cleaning and how to get a quote

    Mould cleaning will cost you an initial inspection fee. The actual mould removal cost depends on the affected area’s size and type of mould. To get a quote for your home, simply contact us today, and our team will be happy to help.
    You can get a quote by calling or filling in our online form. We will need to know the size of the affected area and the type of mould you have before we can provide you with a quote.

    How to prevent mould from forming in your home in the first place

    Prevention is a sure way of avoiding the need for professional mould cleaning services. To keep your home free from mould, make sure to:
    1. Keep indoor humidity levels low
    2. Fix any leaks or sources of moisture immediately
    3. Ventilate your home regularly
    4. Regularly clean and disinfect areas prone to mould growth
    5. Store food properly and keep your kitchen and bathroom clean
    Following these simple tips can avoid needing professional mould cleaning services and keep your home healthy and mould-free.

    Why choose us?

    Are you concerned about mould in your home?
    Mould can cause various health problems and should be cleaned up as soon as possible. Our team of experts are available 24/7 to help clean up the mould in your home and ensure your safety.
    At Mould Cleaners Newcastle, our team of experts have the knowledge and experience to safely and effectively remediate mould from your home. We use the latest technology and equipment to completely eliminate mould spores, so you can relax and breathe easily. We want to help you restore your peace of mind and home as soon as possible.
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